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Cultural Sensitivity Training (Europe)

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Are you traveling to a foreign country to conduct business? Make sure you are prepared for success before departure.  By participating in cultural sensitivity training, you will be better equipped to do business abroad.  We cover everything form learning basic facts about your country to business etiquette during your meeting.  First impressions are important, and cultural customs are worth knowing. You'll know exactly how to dress, greet, and behave during your meeting to make the best impression. I specialize in European countries, but it is also my goal to connect you with a local abroad whom you can consult.  Locals are the best source of information for cultural norms/etiquette and can even provide advice regarding your stay (hotels, food, etc.).


Dependig on your specific needs, programs come in either four 30-minute or four one-hour sessions.  Consultation and a needs assessment are always complimentary.

Cultural norms

Business etiquette abroad

GLOBE dimensions

Travel advice

Local connection

Food for Thought:


"Cultural sensitivity begins with self awareness"

Begin with a complimentary consultation

An example of an international project.  


Part of the Living Danube Proect was the construction of the Budapest Wastewater Treatment plant, where I wan an Administrative Assistant/Interpretor.  Our company was French and we worked in Hungary with subcontractors from Hungary, Romania, Turkey, and a few other countries.  Everyone had a different cultural background, so it was a challenge to communicate.  However, coming to a consensus was all the more rewarding.

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