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Previous business visits include:

The private venture, Expeditions to Planet Earth (EPE), develops leaders through purposeful travel. It was founded in 2012, by CSU, Chico Professor and former International HR Director, Ted Kromer, as an extension to his 501(c) 3 nonprofit, California Kids to Kids (CKK), which operated from 2004-2012 and focused on educational development through travel.


Together, CKK and EPE have taken 130 clients on leadership expeditions.


Each EPE program is custom-built for the client group and includes pre-trip leadership workshops, an expedition to several world destinations, and follow-up sessions.


During travel, clients see business' corporate culture from behind the scenes. They participate in cultural immersion activities and give back through a volunteer project. They are constantly challenged to overcome obstacles and emerge as more confident and better equipped leaders.


Since the start of EPE, I am responsible for designing the program including booking all business visitations, curating cultural activities, and designing/delivering the leadership workshops.  I also work on talent scounting and building each client group through a rigorous application process.


My favorite part of the job is networking with the businesses and getting to mentor each client one on one.


Highlights from each expedition:

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