Eternally curious.


That describes me very accurately.  I am intrigued by the intersection of psychology and business.  On a normal day, I wonder countless times about WHY things happen, how they could be measured, what variables are at play.  I don't choose to do this, it is just how I think....but I love it!


When I started lecturing at CSU,Chico, research was not a part of my job.  However, already in my first semester at the university, I was looking for opportunities to put into practice the skills I had learned in my Masters program and at my time working for various research institutions.  I decided to expand on my Master's thesis, which focused on keeping healthy people healthy.


From that, came a natural move into the area of management and applying the idea of optimal health to the workplace.  For the last few years, I have been interested not so much in the area of health, but in how to improve people's work life.  Afterall, adults spend most of their life at work.  Therefore, it is crucial that they find meaning and purpose in their work and that they build on their strengths. Thriving at work has implications that spill over to other areas of life.


To me, what is fascinating is studying the good, the positive.  What makes people thrive? I first became interested in positie psychology during my Bachelor's research project on mindfulness and athletes.  I researched "flow" and the concept of resting while in motion.  This was 2008.  Since then, I have not stopped. Although my research interests have shifted somewhat, one thread has always remained the same.  I'm interested in the positive; now, I am more focused on applying it in the workplace.


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