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Public Speaking Coaching

Idea generation/Using supporting materials/

Presentation design/Building self-awareness​/

Nonverbal & verbal communication/Stage presence


Public speaking is one of the greatest fears of most people.  However, that presents a huge opportunity.  What if one's greatest fear was turned into something they loved and thrived on?  Even if that's not the case, it can still be more enjoyable and less nerve wracking through the right perspective and preparation.  Whatever your level may be, coaching can take you to the next one.  Working with beginners as well as seasoned professionals who may just need a new set of eyes and ears to spruce up their techniques, coaching sessions are for everyone.  


Dependig on your specific needs, programs come in either four 30-minute or four one-hour sessions.  Consultation and a needs assessment are always complimentary.

Idea generation

Using supporting materials

Presentation design

Building self-awareness

Nonverbal &

verbal communication

Stage presence

Food for Thought:


"Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are" Amy Cuddy at TEDGlobal 2012

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