My favorite part of teaching is mentoring students to discover their strengths & career passion. I have taught since 2012 in a business school, first at California State University, Chico and now at UCF.


All students have a valuable, unique perspective, so I seek to create an inclusive environment where everyone can share their thoughts, while actively learning from science-based research and experiential activities.

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  • Great Capstone Case Competition - Instructor to winning team: University of Central Florida

    • Each semester a  company partners UCF to present a real-time business problem to about 900 undergraduate students in the Strategic Management course.

    • Divided into lab sections, students are assigned to teams to tackle the issue by providing a strategic analysis.

    • Of  the 180 teams, a few make the competition, and the best 3 present to the company, whose top managers choose the winner. Winning students receive scholarship money and recognition.

    • This particular semester, the client was Verizon and a team I advised "C-Deck" won!

  • Excellence in Teaching Award - National Society of Leadership & Success: California State University, Chico

    • The National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) is "the nation's largest leadership honor society."

    • With this award, they recognize educators who have "excellence in academic student development."

    • Thank you Chico State NSLS students!



In a Meeting
Giving a Presentation

Leadership Development 

(MAN 4143)

University of Central Florida

  • Provides a foundation on the leadership development process and the impact leaders can have on individuals, groups, and organizations.

Organizations: Theory & Behavior

(MAN 4240)

University of Central Florida

  • A course providing a micro/macro approach to the study of organizations by integrating organizational theory and organizational behavioral science concepts. 

Business Communication

(BADM 300)

California State University, Chico

  • Emphasis is on solving business problems through the strategic design of verbal, print, and electronic messages. Models for effective business documents, presentations, meetings, and interpersonal as well as electronic project interaction are applied to business communication problems. Related technology use, etiquette, cultural differences, and ethical considerations are highlighted. 

Politician with Supporters
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Strategic Management Lab

(MAN 4720; Role=Lab Instructor)

University of Central Florida

  • Students assume a strategic view of organizations and integrate and apply material learned in their business courses to modern organizational problems and opportunities. 



Organizational Behavior & Development

(MAN 6245; MBA Students; Role=GTA)

University of Central Florida

  • The analysis of human behavior in organizations in terms of the individual, small group, intergroup relationships, and the total organization.

Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

(MAN 6448; MBA Students; Role=GTA)

University of Central Florida

  • Theory and processes of negotiation in a variety of settings, with relevance to the broad spectrum of negotiation faced by managers. 

Management of Organizations

(MAN 3025; Role=GTA)

University of Central Florida

  • Introduction to the theory and practice of managing formal organizations, including planning, organization theory, human behavior and control. 


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