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Branding & Communication

Logo & slogan redesign/Social media presence/

Website design/Online & print advertising


Do you want to take your business to the next level?  Perhaps your brand needs some sprucing up to be more relevant.  Whether you would like suggestions for redesingning your logo or website to maximizing your social media presence or advertising, coaching sessions will benefit your business.  We work one on one to map out your needs and then develop the appropriate strategies to not only meet, but exceed them.  


Coaching sessions are available in one-hour blocks.

Logo & slogan redesign

Social Media presence

Website design

Online & print advertising

Begin with a complimentary consultation

Food for Thought:


More people own a mobile device than a your business capitalizing on social media?

An example of a coplete image redesign.  A family business in Redding, CA wanted a new logo, slogan, and overall image.  I worked with them to do a needs assessment and understand the direction they wanted to pursue.  Then, designed a new logo, slogan, and print advertising.  We also added a social media presence on Facebook.

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