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Business Etiquette Training

Email & Social Media Dos & Dont's/Professional Attire/

Cultural Sensitivity Training​/Nonverbal Behavior/

Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence​/Dining Manners​


Learn to walk, talk, and look like a polished business professional.  These one on one coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and skill set.  Develop the confidence you need to succeed in the business world.


We will begin with a needs assessment and complimentary consultation; you'll then receive a custom-made program encompassing four, one-hour coaching sessions.  Sessions are available in person or via Skype.

Email & Social Media Dos & Don'ts

Professional Attire

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Nonverbal Behavior

Self Awareness &

Emotional Intelligence

Dining Manners

Food for Thought:


Building Lasting Business Relationships

Begin with a complimentary consultation

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