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Early Career Counseling

Discovering your strengths/Mapping possibilities/

Targetted job search/Resume building​/

Networking/Interview preparation​


Are you ready to land the right job after college?  You can if you know how to approach it strategically.  Coaching sessions can move you through the entire process from discovering your strengths to preparing for your interview.  Whether you need guidance in knowing where to look for appropriate jobs, or how to utilize your network, this program will help you move towards your goal.  


The program includes eight, 30-minute coaching sessions in person or via Skype.

Discovering your strengths

Mapping possibilities

Targetted job search

Resume building


Interview preparation

Food for Thought:


Focus on Strengths- If you have an "A", "C", and an "F", do the obvious- work on your "A".

Begin with a complimentary consultation

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