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Focus on Strengths: If you have an "A", "C", and an "F" do the obvious

Strengths theory suggest that we each have several personal strengths that we can build on. This is where our true passions and competencies lie. However, we may obsess over trying to build on the wrong things- our wekanesses.

On a school report card, if we have an "A", "C", and an "F", then we should do the obvious, which is work on the "A". This is called building on our strengths. This is what makes us marketable, outstanding, and unique.

Individuals who play on their strengths are lastingly successful and moreover, they help make businesses successful as well.

Another important compnent of strengths theory is to manage around our weaknesses. This means that we should leave our "C" alone and bring up our "F" to a "C', so it is "good enough". However, we can stop there. Once we've managed around the problem area, the work is done and the focus is shifted to working on our strength.

Pretty counter intuitive at first, but it's what all the successful people do. Perhaps they are right.

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