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Collaborative Leadership Lab at Swissnex San Francisco

Wow, what an event! We spend the weekend in a small group of about 30 leaders from all different sectors and backgrounds. It was an engaging workshop where we co-created the content and learned from each other. We got to not only engage in discussions but hear from experts in the field. Throughout the weekend, artists documented our journey via a beautiful mural on the wall.

Learn more about Swissnex HERE.

A description from their website:

" 'As well as finding new models to collaboratively address all our global challenges, we also need to form a new model of leadership that is effective in the modern world: leadership that emphasizes both vision and values in order to overcome the current challenges.' – Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum

It’s time to change the status quo for leadership. A new story is emerging about how leaders are developed and how they exercise their influence. This narrative calls for your voice.

The Collaborative Leadership Lab is an invite-only, two-day experiential workshop for an select group of professionals from academia, business, and the social sector. During the Lab, this cross-sector group of innovators will advance the future of leadership by addressing the role of leaders as change agents in the transformation of our societies toward sustainable development.

From rigorous research-based methods on the futures of governance and learning at the Institute for the Future, to out-of-the-box approaches born at Google and spun out to form the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, participants will dive deeply into a variety of perspectives and insights. The Lab will serve as a forum for participants to connect with fellow innovators in leadership and identify opportunities for cross-sector and international collaboration."

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